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The sense of identity of Filipinos is a topic which is as personal and as many faceted as the many islands of the Philippines. We continue to search for it, either as Filipinos in our own country or those of us here in the Carolinas, a part of the millions of Filipinos in the Diaspora, all over the globe.

The Philippine Resource Center is “project of the Filipino-American Spirit Inc.  with a mission to inform, educate, and remind Filipino Americans in the Carolinas of their Philippine heritage, culture and tradition”.  To help achieve this, a Filipiniana section at the Asian Library was created. It houses a library of Philippine books in history, art, music and literature. As a multi-media center, magazines, movies, videos are also available.  A start up of books donated by members of the FACC, including the 150 book collection of Ed and Joan Ascalon initiated the project. The Asian library is located at 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte NC.

The Philippine Resource Center  was launched on November 15, 2014  with  the viewing of “I Wanna Babysit Lola” a comedic short film written and directed by Palanca awardee Reme Grefalda and starring her 92 year old mother was nominated as Best Picture  at the Rosebud Film Festival.

On August 30, 2015, Roberto Ascalon, a first generation Fil Am, and a 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize winner with his poem “The Fire This Time”, conducted a Poetry Workshop at the Asian Library.  Roberto Ascalon is a poet, writer, spoken word performance artist.  The workshop was opened to all   FACC writers of all ages who   were pleasantly surprised to find their own hidden poet emerge after the session.  His sister, Lisa Ascalon, also a poet, told stories of “aswangs” which delighted the younger audience.

As part of the fundraising efforts of the Center, the FAS catered the Christmas dinner for the Dragon Festival officials and participants with food reminiscent of Filipino Noche Buena.

The Filipiniana section of the Asian Library is in its incipient stage. Plans are currently in place to hire a part-time librarian so that the library will follow international guidelines which   could be used for research by people writing or researching Filipino culture.

A future donation of books has been promised by Dr. Monte Hill and his Filipina wife, Emilia.  Dr. Hill has a PhD in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University and specialized in Philippine politics. He also has a MA in Asian Studies from the University of the Philippines. He is the CEO of Social Science Research Service.

Future plans will include a  guest lecturer and legal scholar Leia Castaneda Anastasio, author of “The Foundation  of   the Modern Philippine State”  She is a graduate of JSD Juris Doctor of Harvard Law School and is currently a resident of Denver, NC.  Date and time will be announced.

Other projects may include the resurrection of the Book Club on Philippine literature with interested members reading and discussing the assigned   books.    Poetry slam performances by Filipinos and or Fil Ams and young students will be encouraged to participate. Young students willing to write on the Philippines will be mentored by volunteers from the FACC community.

Members are encouraged to share in the cultural and educational activities of the PRC to rekindle our love for our Filipino heritage.  Donations of books, DVD’s, magazines, movies are needed.  Monetary donations may be addressed to the Filipino American Spirit and or Wally Penilla c/o the FAS.

Ed and Joan Ascalon will continue to accept the books and or magazines. Both maybe reached at eascalon for Ed and for Joan. Telephone # for Joan is 704 954 9479.

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