Head: Wally Penilla

This committee organizes various fund raising activities to support charity organizations in the United States, the Philippines, and around the world that provide for victims of calamities and the underprivileged population.  Funds and labor go toward disaster relief aids, temporary and permanent housing, medical, dental and health needs, clothing, food, medicine and capital and training for their livelihood.


Head: Dell Fallar

This committee strives to enrich the knowledge of the members of the community, particularly the younger generations, regarding Philippine-American history, language and culture. The committee also implements a scholarship program to provide financial and material assistance to children of poor families, including children with disabilities.


Head: Dr. Nini Bautista

This committee enhances the dynamic interaction between American and Filipino cultures through various performing arts events or programs designed to promote Philippine cultural heritage that showcase traditional Filipino folk dances, songs, instrumental music and dramatic arts.


Head: Guia Villapando

This committee organizes fund raising events to support various programs and projects of the organization. These events include direct solicitation of donations from organizations and individuals, sale of artwork, food and other materials during festivals and events, silent auctions, raffles, applying for grants from various agencies, foundations and organizations, shows and concerts.